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Mapquest, it is formerly an American based wireless web mapping a division of R.R.Donelley and his son's in Chicago which is incorporated with geo global corporation. it is an American online web service headquartered in Lancaster, Pa, and Denver, Colo. R.R. Donnelley and his sons created, a division geocoding algorithm provided printed road maps and gave it for free at gas stations. it has become an independent geo global company in 1994 and it has launched navigation app in 1996. The main goal of mapquest is to achieve the fastest and most direct route.

It is a wireless web mapping service with a well-known feature turn by turn navigation application and specific point location. Effectively gives mapquest driving directions. it is also provided with voice-guided navigation. It also shows real-time traffic updates, live traffic cameras so that you can know conditions before you hit the traffic, speedometer which compares your speed to the speed limit along your route using Mapquest. store your favorite location like work, home,etc., for quick and easy mapquest. Route planner settings help you to avoid highways and toll roads, find multiple ways to reach your point with Mapquest.

Through this, you can book a great hotel deal feed your inner foodie by discovering new places to eat, browse menu make reservations and order food through OpenTable and grub hub points of interest. shows different routes to take so that it is easy to find live traffic on road and choose a better money by comparing prices of fuel or gas with nearby gas stations, view local weather conditions and plan ahead. if you have trouble with your car Directly access on-demand roadside assistance for help with geocoding algorithm.

Drivers can speak for the desired destination search and directions.rotates the geocoding algorithm which is based on the orientation of travel and extensive coverage update for every five minutes. Mapquest provides a mobile-friendly website. it is provided with gas buddy mapquest driving directions for united states.

navigation app shows all the routes with different colors so that you can identify your destination and find easy and safe routes. Mapquest driving directions also shows you the direction with an arrow. The voice-guided navigation instructs you the directions, and about the live traffic conditions. It has created a beta version of new features where users can add additional stops, recording the stops along the way and avoiding any desired turns or roads. A lacking points of interest offers only for maps and driving directions and doesn't recognize public transit.

The app is very easy to use and is available on google play store for smartphones and also android store. Mapquest supports iPhone, IOS. The interface is easy to use but at the points of interest, you need to add additional information like a phone number or ability to open the website. it is a nice touch to the app. Continue running of GPS signals background gradually decreases the battery level.